About Us

About Us

Silver Birch Alpacas is a small farm nestled on the shores of Hay Bay, just outside of Napanee, Ontario. Whether you’re a first-time farmer/buyer or simply an alpaca enthusiast, Silver Birch Alpacas offers award-winning, meticulously bred “huacaya” (pronounced Wuh-KAI-ya) alpacas to meet your farm needs.

You’ll find an intuitive customer service plan that includes individual consultations and support for the first year of ownership. At Silver Birch Alpacas our focus is the creation of happy and friendly animals of all colours – bred specifically for excellence in health, quality of fleece, and temperament. We are 2 ½ hours east of Toronto and 2 ½ west of Ottawa – so an easy reach for those interested in a day visit!

About Cathy

At age 55, I did the unthinkable, and gave up the security of a corporate job in Toronto to start my own business – alpaca farming here on the shores of Hay Bay. I realized that I wanted to change the way I lived my life. I wanted simple, not complicated – so, in the Summer of 2017, I traded the board room for the barn, and I have no regrets.

Why alpacas?

Alpacas are clean, intelligent, endearing animals. They’re extremely hearty with (unlike their llama cousins) a peaceful disposition. From snow white, to onyx-black, chocolate, grey, and even fawn, they come in a pleasing variety of colours. Alpaca wool or “fibre” is as silky as cashmere and softer and much warmer than sheep’s wool. Their fibre is naturally fire retardant, hypoallergenic, and the second warmest on the planet—only a polar bear’s fur can keep you warmer.

What do I hope to achieve?

My aim is to produce healthy, relaxed, extremely friendly, and well-trained alpacas, who will produce fabulous fibre for me (and you!) for many years. I would love to show you what enchanting animals alpacas are. Only on a small farm like mine – where alpacas are treated as individuals – can you see the results time, kindness, and experience can create.



At Silver Birch Alpacas our passion is the creation of healthy, happy, and friendly alpacas ready to join your farm!



We are conscious of our surroundings and our place within it, always striving to be sustainable and maintaining the natural peace that comes with this beautiful location on Hay Bay.



Never underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word or the smallest act of caring – they have the power to change the world.