Adopt an Alpaca

A unique way of having alpacas in your life without having to own one. We offer adoption packages to suit everyone – they make ideal gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s Day–or any day that you would like to provide some cheer.
  • Check out the herd on our website and pick your favourite for e-adoption!
  • See our FAQ for more information on the process of making one of these delightful animals yours for a year!

Cria Fan - $50

As a Cria (or baby alpaca) fan, you’ll receive the following:

• Personalized certificate of adoption with a photo of your favourite alpaca
• An animal factsheet
• 2 tickets to visit your furry friend
• A fleece/fibre sample for show and tell
• Assorted alpaca goodies for you to enjoy

Herd Leader Fan - $100

As a Herd Leader Fan, you’ll receive everything in the $50 adoption level, plus the following:

• A mini handmade alpaca ornament
• Two personalized emails from your adopted alpaca. Want to know if they like to swim in the summer? Do they need a coat like you do in the winter? Email your alpaca twice during a year and they’ll email you back with photos and let you know.
Check out the herd on our website and pick your favourite for e-adoption!

Adoption Terms & Conditions

1. The adopter will be the named individual or individuals stated on the adoption certificate.
2. Silver Birch Alpacas reserves the right to refuse applications from individuals should it suspect that there would or could be a conflict of interests with the farm.
3. We will process your application as soon as possible on receipt of payment.
4. Alpaca Adoption packs will be dispatched by first class mail, unless agreed by the management. There will be an additional charge for all other levels of postage.
5. You are under no obligation to renew the adoption. It will only be renewed with your express permission.
6. It is sometimes necessary for us to replace or sell alpacas on the farm. In the event of your chosen alpaca being replaced or sold, we will offer you an alternative alpaca. It will not be possible to refund any fees paid.
7. It is understood that one alpaca may be “adopted” by more than one individual at a time.
8. Adoption does not imply ownership.